Parabola Music proudly presents Galaxy Dust Project with his new EP “World Of Ethnic” . The Author of project, composer and arranger – Dmitriy Belikov – began to create electronic music since 2010. At First it was just experimenting in the game sekvensory the eJay range, but after he decided that it becomes interesting and began to learn professional programs Cubase, Reason, Fruity Loops Studio. In itself, the direction of Psy Trance is very interesting, because there is an opportunity to experimenting with sounds. Also, in choosing the direction of the genre in music and in the promotion of our project was the radio station 106,8 FM in 1997-1998 Then she (radio station) acquainted with new trends and fashion trends in electronic music. And of course not without such representatives Psychedelic/Full On Trance scene like Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Yahel, etc.

World Of Ethnic

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